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Get started with Avada Automation Workflows

Welcome to Avada Marketing Automation platform. If you are a beginner with email marketing, you can refer to this guide: Marketing Automation for eCommerce: Everything You Need to Know to understand the general view and what you need to go to gain more customers and earn more revenues. 

With Avada Automation messages, you can create various workflows that triggered based on different customer behaviors such as abandon cart, subscribe newsletter, purchase, inactive, etc. You can send emails or SMS in each workflow, or combine them to get the most efficient result.

What automation workflows supported on Avada ?

Basing on the customer journey, we design various automation events/triggers that allow you to send emails to your audience and convert them at the right moment. Those events are most common in use and if you want to create a specific automation campaign that you cannot find here, please email us at and we will assist you to do it. 

Abandoned Cart Workflow
Product Browse Abandonment
Page View Abandoned
Welcome New Subscribers Workflow
Order Confirmation Workflow
Shipping Confirmation Workflow
Return/Refund Confirmation Workflow
PDF Invoice Workflow
Cross-sell / Upsell Workflow
Customer Birthday
First-time Purchase Anniversary
First-time Sign-up Anniversary
Custom Event Workflow

How do Avada automation work?

You may wonder how an automation workflow runs on Avada? As the name "automation", each event will trigger the customer behaviors automatically and if someone matches the triggers, he/she will enter the corresponding workflow. In other words, all you need to care about is setting up the workflow and email content. The rest will be taken by Avada. 

Take the Abandoned Cart Campaign for example. Any customers who go to the checkout page and do not process payment will become Abandoned Contact and enter your workflow (as long as you have their email collected somewhere). Consequently, they will receive all emails/SMS on your workflow, with the setup timing.

AND a contact will be out of the workflow whenever they complete the cart (even not from Abandoned Cart Email). This logic is reasonable since you do not want to send a remind purchase email to customers who actually complete their purchase, right?

Similar to other automation events, the triggers will work themselves, you just need to select the right event and set up email/SMS content for them. That's why we can say Automation is a making-money machine!

How to replace default emails on your store?

If you wonder that some emails can be sent twice using Avada since your store also have that kind of email. For example, Shopify stores have Abandoned Cart and Order Confirmation default emails. Avada will not auto-replace those emails so you should turn off them from your Shopify admin.

Please refer to this guide: How to turn off Shopify Notification Emails

Updated on: 11/07/2024

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