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How to Bulk Delete Contacts in AVADA


You can bulk delete contacts in your AVADA account if they are no longer needed and you want to clean up the data in your account.

However, we recommend that you only bulk delete contacts if you are sure that it will have no future value to you. For instance, you might want to delete contacts that are no longer with your company or are no longer in a position to make a buying decision.

In this guide, you will learn how to bulk delete contacts in AVADA!

Bulk delete contacts in AVADA

NOTE: Bulk deleting contacts is permanent. There is no way to bulk recover contacts. So, please think carefully before acting.

Step 1. Bulk delete contacts

- Navigate to the Audiences section from your app dashboard

- Choose the Actions icon next to Add tag

- Click Delete

Step 2. Confirm

In the confirmation popup, click Delete contacts to complete the action.

We will show you a success message, so you know the action has been completed.

In case you just want to delete a specific contact, you can select the trashcan icon at the right of each contact, confirm, and you're done!

Updated on: 28/08/2021

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