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How to Change Status of an Individual Workflow Message


Workflows in AVADA do not have an on/off switch. Each individual message in a workflow has its own send status: live, skip, or draft. This allows you to build out a workflow series and enable certain emails and/or text messages to start sending while still finalizing other messages you may want to enable later on.

In this guide, you will learn how to change the status of an individual workflow message in AVADA.

Different statuses of an individual workflow message

Automatically, messages in AVADA workflows are set "live", which means new individuals entering your workflow will be queued up to receive this email or SMS message and it will send out automatically at the right time. Updating the send status won't affect anyone who might have received this message in the past.

If the message's status is "skip," anyone entering your workflow will be skipped for this message, and they will still proceed to the next message.

When you drag and drop a new element (i.e., email, SMS, Slack notification) into the workflow, it is automatically set "draft." You can go live it once you've prepared everything well.

Change the status of an individual workflow message

There are 2 methods to change the status of an individual workflow message

Method 1: Just click the message and the status at the right side.

For example, when we change one message status to "skip," you will see the result as below.

The app will notify you when the status is updated. You will see the app message "Status updated!" is displayed.

For ready-made workflows, you can set the message status as "live" or "skip." As we said above, once you add a new element into your workflow, the status will be "draft." You will notice the color of the icon change as well.

Method 2: Change the status right in the email content

Click the message you want to change the status. You will see the Email Content at the right panel.

When you click Edit content, you will see the status next to the message name. Click to change as you want.

For each message in the workflow you want to go live, make sure you have customized and previewed the content and all settings. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact our support team via in-app chat or email us via <>.

Updated on: 06/09/2021

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