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How to configure wait time/certain time on an automation workflow?

To configure the wait time/certain time to send an email within an automation workflow, please follow these simple steps:

1. From the Automation page, click on the campaign name

2. Go to the Workflow tab to add/edit wait time/certain time

2.1. Add Wait Time

To add wait time, drag and drop Wait Time item to your workflow.

2.2. Edit Wait Time

Click on the Wait Time item and edit its settings on the right.

Select option to delay your email in: Days, Weeks, Hours, Minutes
Enter delay time value (from 1-100)

2.3. Add Certain Time

To add Certain Time, drag and drop Certain Time from the Time Control tab to your workflow.

2.4. Edit Certain Time

Click on the Certain Time item and edit its settings on the right.

- Select a certain day option: Any day, Specific weekday, Weekday, Weekend

You can select a Specific weekday that you want:

- Select specific moment to send emails: Any Time or Specific time

The specific time option allows you to select From Time and To Time value. Please note that From Time value must be less than the To Time value.

- Select the time zone to send emails.

Updated on: 29/07/2021

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