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How to Create a Segment of VIP Customers

If you run a rewards program or want to know who your most valuable clients are, creating a VIP customer group can be beneficial. You'll discover how to create this segment based on your clients' spending habits in this post.

When deciding who your VIP customers are, you can adopt one of two approaches:

Customers that have spent more than X amount of money in Y length of time are known as big spenders.
Customers who have purchased X number of products in Y length of time are known as frequent purchasers.

When creating a VIP segment, it's good to include a time limit. Otherwise, you risk capturing inactive consumers or customers who haven't purchased from you in a long time (but aren't necessarily VIPs).

Default VIP preset segment

With AVADA Marketing Automation, we created a default VIP segment that you can find in the Presets page of the Audience tab, which is called VIP customers - including email subscribers who have placed at least 5 orders. The preset will automatically filter out these frequent purchasers and create a new segment for you to use and target.

Since it's a default segment, it is not perfect by any mean and you should also take your own approach in defining your VIP customers.

Customized VIP customer segment

To create a customized VIP customer segment, head back to the Segments page and click on the Create segment button.

Since it's a good idea to have a time limit, instead of just having a filter for order count, you can add another filter of Last order time to make sure your VIP customers are frequent purchasers from recent time. The time is up to you and your product cycle to decide. You can choose equal to Y days or equal and less than Y days.

You can do the same for big spenders, adding a filter for their amount of spending in USD and a filter for their last order time to make sure they also purchased recently. Again, the amount of big spending is up for your store to decide.

Updated on: 29/07/2021

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