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How to create Segments on Contact List?

1. Create a segment

Step 1: Go to Audiences > All contacts

Step 2: Select the segment condition

Click Add filter > Select and complete the segment condition

After completing conditions, please wait for the segment automatically validated

Step 3: Click "Save segment" and enter "Name" and "Note" for the segment

Step 4: Click "Save" to save the segment

Step 5: Edit Segment

Go to the Segments tab > click on the Segment Name that you want to edit.

Click Add filter to add more conditions for the segment. After the segment is validated and click Update to save the segment changes.
You can change the Segment Name if you want.

- Click the Delete icon to delete the segment.

2. Mass actions with segments

2.1 Add Tag

- Step 1: Select the segment you want to add tag > Click Add tag

- Step 2: Select the tags you want to add

- Step 3: Option Replace old tag(s)

+ If checked, new tags will be added to replace the old tags\
+ If left unchecked, new tags will be added to the tags of those contact

- Step 4: Click Tag contact to finish adding a tag for contacts

2.2 Create a campaign with segment

Step 1: Select the Segment you want to create a campaign > Click Send

Step 2: Select type of campaign: Email or SMS

Step 3: Click Send campaign and finish campaign content then click Next

The campaign will automatically save the segment's condition

Step 4: Continue editing and completing the campaign to send the email

See detailed guide here

2.3 More action

- Delete all contacts: Select Segment > Click More > Select Delete Click to delete all contacts on the segment. Note that those contacts also will be removed entirely from your total contact list.

- Delete selected contacts: Select Segment > Select contactsClick More > Select Delete.

Updated on: 29/07/2021

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