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How to Manage segments


The Audience tab gives you an overview of your customer and subscriber group. More importantly, it lets you create key lists or segments of email addresses for multiple purposes. In this article, let's learn how to understand and manage segments using AVADA Marketing Automation.

Access the segment dashboard

To navigate to your segment dashboard, click Audience -> Segments.

All of the segments that you've created will be displayed here. The creation time until now is displayed beneath the segment's name. There's information on the segment's condition, status, and how many members were added next to each segment. Click the name of one of your segments to see the full email list of the segment.

Click on each contact inside a segment and you will find more information about their statistics and timeline with your store.

Inactive/Active segment

As you can see in the image, there is a status of active/inactive next to each segment. You can click on this button to make a segment go active or inactive.

Active segment: An active segment will activate its condition to filter out contacts and appear in automation/workflow to choose as recipients.
Inactive segment: An inactive segment will not be displayed to choose in an automation/workflows. Keep this in mind before creating an automation or workflow.

Add and remove segments

To create a new segment, click on the Create segment button on the dashboard. Once clicked, you will need to select conditions for your segment, which will select out the suitable subscribers inside your list.

You can create a segment's conditions based on:
Contact information (email, SMS, tag, country, name, from campaign, etc.)
Contact behavior (total spent, order count, last opened email, etc.)
Order information (payment status, fulfillment status)
Order item information (product's name, collection, tags, SKU, etc.)

To cancel creating a segment, simply refresh the page.

To remove a segment, you can see a red Delete button next to a segment when you hover over it.

When clicked on, you will be prompted a popup to confirm the removal. Remember that you can not undo the deletion.

Remove contacts in a segment

While you can remove a whole segment, you can also remove one or all contacts from a segment to fill it with new contacts.

To remove all contacts from a segment, click on the three dot button -> Delete as in the image above. You can also delete each contact from a segment with the red waste basket button next to any contact.

To delete multiple contacts, click on the checkbox before each contact to select many and repeat the action of clicking on the Delete button inside the three dot button.

Use a preset segment

To help you with segments, we include many presets that you can use to create a new group of subscribers. Just click on the Presets tab next to the Segments tab to access them.

There are 14 presets here, and you just need to click on the Create button to apply the condition to your email list and make a new segment.

Our presets are for multiple groups, such as new subscribers, frequent buyers, total spent numbers, countries, and more. Explore to build more segments and more personalized messages for your subscribers.

Understand segment's data

Inside a segment, you can see the segment's member with data for:
Contact: Their email addresses
Name: Their name (first or last)
Order Count: Total order of an account
Total Spent: Their total spent on the site
Channel: The channel the account is from, often email or SMS
Created Date: The date the account is created on the site

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Updated on: 29/07/2021

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