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How to segment subscribers from a sign up form

You may learn about who enters your shop with AVADA Marketing Automation forms by creating and evaluating the right segments. You'll learn how to build segments in this post to see who subscribes through your forms and what to do with them.

Step 1. Create segment

First, go to Audiences -> Segments and click on the Create segment button.

Step 2. Choose filter

Then, right below the Add filter button, you can select the filter for your new segment. To choose subscribers from a certain form, scroll down and choose From Campaign

Step 3. Select form

You will see a list of Forms that are currently available to select from.

Choose the form you want to create a new segment and click on Done.

Keep in mind that the app also shows the draft and live forms. So, if you choose a form that is not active yet, you won't see any subscriber filtered out. It is still a good idea to create a segment beforehand if you want to automate your campaigns as soon as the form goes live.

After that, just write in your segment's name and click Update, you will find your new segment in the Segment tab right away.

When your form starts collecting subscribers, you can access this segment and see data of users like when they joined, order count, total spent, etc. From this data, you can see if your form performed the way you expected and take further action.

Updated on: 29/07/2021

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