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How to Embed Assets Directly in an Email

Insert assets into your email is a fantastic way to bring your content to live and diverse the message that recipients receive. Think of a video to thank your customers, or a GIF to make your offer more exciting.

There are a few ways that you can embed assets in an email with AVADA, that still ensure a good deliverability and engage with customers. Let's see what they are.

1. Adding a video block into the email.

This feature by AVADA is the easiest and most recommended way to feature a video in your email. To do this, follow these steps.

1.1. Add the video block

Inside an email editor, whether campaign or workflow, click on Basic on the left hand side menu. You will see a Video block that you can drag into your email.

1.2. Insert the video URL

On the right hand side menu, at the Content tab, you will see that you can insert a YouTube video URL and the app will automatically pull in the video from the source link.

Currently, we only have support for YouTube video link, so you can't upload your video. This also helps keep your email's size smaller and increase the deliverability rate, since email services can block emails that are too large.

As you can see, the play button is included in the video, so the recipients don't have to leave the email to watch your video. Convenient!

2. Adding a GIF to the email

Animated GIFs are fun, memorable, and can help elevate your brand experience. You can embed GIFs into your emails as long as their sizes are less than 5MB. Here are the steps to add a GIF to your template.

2.1. Add the image block

Inside an email editor, click on Basic on the left hand side menu. Drag the Image block into your email template.

2.2. Insert the GIF into your email.

On the right hand side menu, hover over the Image section and click on the Upload button.

Choose Image URL then insert your GIF link file into the box.

Wait for the upload process to complete, and you should have the GIF running in your email like this!

You can insert your GIF through a link from a site like GIPHY and copy the URL of the GIF. You can try our GIF above to use for your email.

3. Other file types

Embedded content such as polls, forms, videos, and other widgets are considered a security risk by most major email clients (such as Gmail). When your recipients open your email, these email clients will typically take out the embedded code completely, and they will not see your content feature shown.

AVADA is dedicated to ensuring our customers' success when it comes to creating email templates and sending beautiful, responsive emails. We don't support embedded surveys, forms, videos, or widgets inside AVADA emails because our testing shows that they don't render consistently across all major email clients.

However, if you want to send an email with another file format (such as a PDF, mp3, or other resource), you'll need to host the file somewhere other than AVADA and then link to it from your email. You can either host the file on your website platform or utilize a file hosting service such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Copy the URL where your file is hosted (or the sharing link if you used a program like Dropbox) once you've uploaded it. Drag a button block into your template and paste the URL into the button block's Link URL field. Then, your recipients can access your file destination through the button.

Updated on: 06/09/2021

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