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How to import contacts from Omnisend to AVADA?

If you are migrating from another email marketing platform to AVADA, importing contacts is one of the important steps that should be done along the way.
In this article, we will guide you on how to bring over your contacts from Omnisend to AVADA Email Marketing Automation

Step 1: Get API Key from Omnisend

Login to your Omnisend account and choose Store settings

Select myAccount.main.apiKeys > Create API KEY > copy key

Step 2: Connect to Omnisend

Login to your AVADA Email Marketing app > Integration > Omnisend

Paste the copied key in the step 1 and choose to Connect to Omnisend

Step 3: Setting and sync

Enable Sync all Omnisend tags to import contacts with all existing tags in Omnisend

Enable Tag all sync contact with Omnisend to add Omnisend tag to all the imported contacts

Hit Sync contacts button (Re-sync contacts) > Confirm > See all contact to go Audience page.

You can see the import process status at Activities tab

To help you keep track of contact synchronization activities, we retrieve the Sync History with Date (the sync date) and No. of contact (number of contacts)

Step 4: Re-sync contacts to AVADA Email Marketing

If this is the second time you import contacts from Omnisend to AVADA, please use Re- sync option. Please press Re-sync contacts button > Confirm > See all contacts and you will be directed to Audience page once the importing process finishes

If you want to stop connection to Omnisend, please hit Disconnect > Confirm



Please contact us via Livechat if you encounter any difficulty when importing contacts from Omnisend to AVADA Email Marketing

Updated on: 12/01/2022

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