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How to Insert Preview Text into an Email

When an email arrives in a recipient's inbox, the preview text is one of the first things they see. It appears in the inbox after the email's subject line and is usually taken from the first line of text in the email's body.

You can utilize preview text in two different ways to improve your emails:
To summarize the email, use the preview text.
To complement your subject line, use preview text.

Inboxes will automatically pull preview text from the first line of text within an email if you don't specify it. This means that ALT text, your navigation bar, and other things could be used as preview text, so it's best to specify exactly what you want your preview text to display.

Insert preview text to an automation email

Inside a workflow's email, click on Subject then select Use preheader:

Then, you can write in your preheader, and remember to click "Save" or "Save & Exit".

Insert preview text to a campaign

The same process is applied for a campaign email. Inside the editor, click on Subject and choose Use preheader:

Then, insert your preheader and remember to click save for the campaign you are making.

How to hide the preview text

If you select No preheader, then the app will not have preview text and have only your subject line appear in your customer's inboxes. However, this won't prevents email clients from automatically pulling in any other preview text from the body of your email.

The better way is to still use preheader, but write nothing in the preheader input. This way, the app will completely hide any preview text and show only your subject line when the email arrive in the customer's inboxes. When your emails hit the inbox, customers will only like this (the email above has No preheader, while the one below has a blank preheader).

Preview text in different inboxes

Only the preview text you type appears in your customers' inboxes since the Preview Text form automatically adds spaces. However, the number of preview text characters displayed varies by device and email client, with smaller screens displaying less preview text characters. Keep this in mind when writing the preview text.

The recommended character limit for your preheader text is 75 characters.

Updated on: 06/09/2021

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