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How to Insert Products into your Email Template?

AVADA lets you add your store's products to your email template directly on the app. Everything, including the product's image, price, description, and the link to purchase can be passed into your email tempate. Your recipients can then have a smooth experience viewing products, leading to a better conversion rate.

Here is the guide for adding products into your email using AVADA.

Before we start

There is something that you should know first:

You can add products into the email's templates in both email Campaigns and Automation workflows. They share the same email editor tool.
If your store is built on Magento and you can't connect products to your email, contact our Support Team for more details.

How to insert products into your email template

There are a few ways that you can add products into an email template.

Method 1: Use the Plus button inside the email template

During the Content design step of any campaign, when hovering over the top of an element, you can see the little Plus button as in the image above. When you click on it, you should see a table of elements you can select. Choose the Product tab.

Choose Product section. As you can see, there are many product grid that you can use to add into your email design. Select one that matches your style.

After that, you can see the product grid in your email. Click on the element, you should see that you can edit the Product List on the right panel of the page. Click on the product to edit it.

Click on the Browse product button, you will see all of your store products to choose from. You can type in the keywords to search for the product more quickly. For example, I chose the 3/4 Sleeve Kimono Dress. As you can see, the image, the description, and the price is automatically updated based on the product's information.

*Notice that Browse Product (Product Picker) is on Pro/Advanced plan only. If you are on Free plan, you can manually add your product information.

On the right panel, when scrolling down, you can quickly edit other information of the product, including title, link, description, price label, and price. If you don't edit, AVADA will take in the default information of the product to display.

You can also click on the Add Product button to add more products into your product grid.

Method 2: Use the left panel for elements

On the left panel of the same Content step during the email design step, you can use the left panel to insert products into your email template.

Click on the Product button on the left panel, you should all the Product Grid available.

Drag your favorable Product Grid into the email design. Then the steps are the same as using the Plus button.

Add dynamic products into your email template

Another ways to insert products into your email template is by using dynamic products. This feature will automatically display your products that meet certain criteria, but it's available for Pro plan users only. Let's see how to use it.

On the left panel that contains elements, click on Dynamic and drag the Dynamic Products element into your email design.

With this element, you can select to display products from three lists: Best Sellers, New Products, and Collections. You can also change the number or products to show and the columns to display. You won't be able to edit the information of products inside this element, since they will be rendered dynamically with the data captured at the moment of sending.

Updated on: 16/08/2021

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