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How to integrate AVADA Automation with Slack Notification?

Slack Notifications is available now on AVADA Automation workflow. Add the Slack Notification to any of your workflow and receive the notice messages right on your Slack channel about the customers come in and out your workflow.

Connect to Slack

Step 1: Visit the Slack API page

To visit the Slack API page, click here. Then click Enable Incoming Webhooks

Step 2: Create a Slack app

Click Create your Slack app:

Log in to your slack account: Click sign in your Slack account and login to your Slack account

After connecting, click Create New App

Continue to click on the icon as shown below

Enter App Name information and select workspace > Click Create App

Step 3: Enable Incoming Webhooks

After Create App successfully > Click Incoming Webhooks

Click to enable toggle button

Step 4: Add New webhook to workspace

After enabling Incoming Webhook > Click the Add New Webhook to Workspace button

Select the channel you want to post notifications on:

Copy Webhook URL

How to add Slack Notifications to Automation Workflow

Step 1: Create a new workflow

App Dashboard > Automation > New workflow > Select the template of the respective events > Click Next

If you want to add Slack Notification to existing workflow, just open it.

Step 2: Drag and drop Slack items into the workflow

Step 3: Edit Slack Notification information

Slack Name: Enter Name for Slack Notification
Slack Text: Enter the message content you want to announce in the Slack channel. This is a required field to enter content
Slack Hook API: Import the Slack Hook API to connect to Slack. You can review how to create and get the correct Slack Hook API (Part 1 of this guide)
To Channel: Enter the content for the Channel Name you want to display in the activity logs
After entering all information Click Save

Step 4: Complete the workflow

You can edit other elements in your workflow then click Next to go live it.

Slack Notification activities

If you add Slack Notification for New Subscriber automation workflow as below, when your store has a new subscriber, there will be a notification with the Slack Message t is "Have a new subscriber" sent to your Slack channel.

You can check logs of Slack Activities here:

New message will be sent in your Slack channel that you connected, like this:

Updated on: 25/08/2021

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