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How to manage Abandoned Carts Reports?

AVADA Marketing Automation is optimized for Abandoned Cart Recovery, so we put many functions to help store admins track and convert abandoned carts effectively.

There are three sections about Abandoned Carts you can find under the Reports tab:

1. Abandoned Carts

To view information about Abandoned Carts, go to Reports > Abandoned carts

- Enter the email address you want to find at the search box and click search to search cart information of the entered email. You need to enter the exact email address when searching
- Click the icon to view the details of the Abandoned Cart.

- Click the Use template button to select the appropriate template for the cart before sending the mail.

- After loading the selected template, click Send via email to send the email.

In addition, you can send WhatsApp message manually to remind those Abandoned Checkout.

In the same Abandoned Carts report, click to the WhatsApp icon at the contact that you want to follow up.

Then enter your WhatsApp message or select a pre-built template:

Lick Send via WhatsApp to deliver to message to your customers

2. Live Carts

Go to  Reports > Live Carts

Live Cart saves all customers' carts in 4 columns: Shopping cart, Abandoned Cart, Recoverable Cart, Converted Cart. Admin can easily track all customers' carts in real-time, and you can send ACE emails right there manually.

- Shopping cart: Customers are browsing on your shop, added items to cart but not leave your shop yet.

- Abandoned Cart: Customers went to checkout then did not complete purchase, and leave no email there > We cannot send emails to those contacts

- Recoverable Cart: Customers went to checkout then did not complete purchase. but they did leave email there so we can send emails to them

- Converted Cart: Customers buy something via Abandoned Cart Emails you sent them

- Click any cart to see cart information.
- Click the icon to see cart details.

- Click Use template, select the template, click Send a cart recovery email to send an ACE email right away.
- Click Expand All to view detailed information on all carts.

3. Abandoned Cart Analysis

To view Abandoned Cart Analysis data, go to Reports > Abandoned Analysis

Here shows the percentage of how the checkout fields were filled out so that admin can know which field is most abandoned by shoppers.
- 0 to 25% displays red.
- From over 25% to 70% displays a yellow color.
- Over 70% displays blue.********

Updated on: 09/11/2021

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