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How to Save and Select an Email Template

Saving an email template is a quick and easy approach to save time when creating campaigns or workflow emails. Email templates that have been saved might be used as a reference for new emails. You may immediately generate a template or edit saved email templates inside AVADA. In this guide, let's learn how to do that.

Save and select a campaign template

Step 1. Choose Save as template

For a campaign email, click on the campaign you would like to save, go to the Content step, then click on Save as template, as shown in the image below.

Step 2. Give your template a name

Insert a name for your campaign template then click on Save.

Step 3. Use the template for a campaign

Once you save an email as a campaign template, you can access it in the Template step at the Saved Templates tab. Click on it and click Next to use the template in your campaign.

Note that you can only save an email as a campaign template while you are it's in Draft mode, which means being edited. If the campaign is already live, you won't be able to save it as a template. So, before sending, see if you want to save the email as a template for future campaigns.

Save and select a workflow email template

Step 1. Save the template

For a workflow email, all you need to do is create a new email inside a workflow. Then, hit the Save button when you are done customizing it. Or you can click on Save and Exit, it will work the same.

Step 2. Find your template

Then, you will find your email template in Your emails section whenever you want to select a template for an email inside a workflow. Click on the Use template button for an email and you should see it. You can type in the name of your template to find more quickly. For clarification, the Templates section only contains workflow email templates made by AVADA.

Step 3. Select the template

Click on the Preview button.

Step 4. Load the template for your workflow email

Then, click on the Load button. This will make your currently selected email have the template you chose.

Note that with workflow, no matter if your email is Draft or Live, it will instantly be shown in the Your emails section. To switch back to a different template, you just need to repeat the steps above and choose the template you wish to use.

Updated on: 06/09/2021

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