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How to select Additional Filters for your Automation workflow?

Additional Filters allow you to add more filters for contacts entering your Automation workflow. If not, the system will auto get contacts that match default campaign triggers.

For example, you are setting up an Abandoned Cart Email workflow, the app will auto-trigger contacts who abandoned your cart at checkout. But sometimes, you want to filter more: only send the Abandoned Cart email to people who emails end at for instance. So in this case, you can add Additional Filters.

Available Additional filters can be differed by event types. To add Additional Filter into your Automation workflow, do the following steps.

Step1:  Go to Automation> New workflow or open created workflow

Step 2: In the workflow page, click to Start event

Step 3: There are two places where you can add conditions:

- WHEN TO SEND: choose the condition based on customer information, customer behavior, order information

- Select All conditions: email will be sent in case all conditions are satisfied simultaneously

+ For example: If you select the above condition for the ACE event, the email will be sent only when Abandoned Cart Contact has both quantity =/> 10 AND their emails must end with

- Select Any conditions: Email will be sent successfully in all cases satisfying 1 of the conditions

+ For example, if the above condition is selected for the ACE event, the email will be sent when Abandoned Cart Contact has cart with quantity = 10 items OR their Country = Australia at Shipping address or contacts satisfies both conditions.

SEGMENT FILTERS: Only customers in specific segment can enter this workflow.\
Not recommend to add segment here if you are not sure, please contact our support for consultation.

Updated on: 22/07/2021

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