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How to Send a Campaign to Multiple Segments (Include/Exclude)


Sending to multiple lists or segments allows you to hone the sending pool of your campaign by including people from specific lists while excluding people from others.

For example, you can:

- Notify certain segments of customers in advance for promotions like flash sales (i.e., rewarding VIP customers with special updates)

- Let certain segments of customers know about your new product or collection

- Target customers who previously made a purchase and tell them about upcoming sales or products

- Create a segment of inactive subscribers and launch a re-engagement effort.

This guide will explain how to send a campaign to multiple lists or segments.

How to send to multiple segments

Step 1. Create a new campaign

From the dashboard, choose Campaigns > New Campaign.

Step 2. Head to the Ready section

Complete the setup for Template and Content. Click Next to access the last step Ready. Here, you'll see the Who to send this newsletter section:

Step 3. Add segment

Choose the segments you want to send this campaign.

- If ALL is selected, the campaign will be sent when the conditions of the segments simultaneously are satisfied.

- If ANY is selected, the campaign will be sent when one of the conditions of the segment is met.

Select a condition In or Not in:

- In: Send the campaign to the contacts included in the selected segments

- Not in: Send the campaign to the contacts that are not in the selected segments.

To send your campaign to multiple segments or lists, you simply click the segment you want. Once done, click the tick to save the selected segments.

However, please pay attention when choosing multiple segments because campaigns will only be sent to cases that satisfy the conditions of the segments.

Calculating expected recipients

Below the lists and segments you have chosen, you'll see a section like that:

The number shown estimates the number of people who will receive your campaign. AVADA automatically skips suppressed profiles at send time. So, by excluding these profiles from our expected recipient calculation, you're able to see an accurate count of who will receive your campaign.||

Updated on: 09/08/2021

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