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How to send Abandoned Cart Email/SMS manually?

Step 1: Open Abandoned Cart List

- From App Dashboard > Reports > Abandoned Carts
Here saves all abandoned carts (include old ones before installing AVADA and new ones)

- Click to the icon Send at the row end of the contact you want to follow up

Step 2: Send Abandoned Cart Email Manually

- Select message type = Email. then click Use Template to choose an email template

- Select the email template you want to use:

- At the template page, click Send via Email to send this email to the contact selected manually.

Step 3: Send Abandoned Cart SMS Manually

- At the Abandoned Cart List, click the Send icon similarly to Email case
- Choose message type = SMS
- Enter the SMS content

- You can add variables to pull data automatically into your SMS:

- Or add Emoji to your SMS

- You can also send MMS (attach images) to the contacts in US/CA

- Click Send via SMS to send the text message manually to selected contacts

Updated on: 16/03/2022

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