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How to set up SMS Opt-in Form

SMS Opt-in Form will allow customers to subscribe to your SMS channel via a list of opt-in keywords. This popup only supports for mobile. The idea is instead of filling the phone number then subscribe, this popup allow users to tap and open the text message app on their phone, send a opt-in keyword (auto-filled for them) to become subscribers of SMS channel,

This Opt-in method ensure no spam/fake subscribers.
You need to use your own sender number to use this form.

Step 1: Choose Form Template

From AVADA App > Forms > Click Create button

- Select Type SMS Tap to opt-in > Click to that Template > Click Select Template

Step 2: Configure Display of SMS Opt-in Form

Form editing has 2 main parts: Subscribe page and Teaser

Subscribe page

Click the components tabs or click on the components in the preview to edit the components' settings

- Click Add Component > Select Items to add components to the popup

Note SMS Tap to opt-in only shows on mobile so there will be no setting and there will be no preview on desktop
Details of configuration for other components can be found here


To edit the Teaser, click Teaser and edit the corresponding settings on the left tab

Step 3: Trigger SMS Form

The Triggers section includes When to display popup, Where to show the popup, Country restriction. See detailed instructions here.

After setting the trigger part, click Save & Next to move to the next editing step

Step 4: Settings

You can install Re-engagement, Tags, Double opt-in and can see and edit detailed information here

After completing the information, click Save & Next to go to the Ready step

Step 5: Ready

Enter the Name for the Form and review the information of the Form

Click Finish > Select Go live to Go live Forms

If your store does not have its own sender, you can buy a sender number and click Buy a number to buy a sender

The sender number will be suggested, click Change Number to change the number and click Buy & Go live to complete the number purchase.

Updated on: 09/03/2022

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