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How to Tag Customers Entered a Workflow


Using tags to organize workflows can help you sort workflows into different groups depending on your use case.

For instance, you may want to tag workflows with the stage they represent in the marketing funnel, or you may have similar workflows that are separate for prospects vs. customers that you'd like to keep separate.

To accomplish this, you can use tags.

Tagging customers when creating new workflow

Step 1. Choose a new workflow

Navigate to the Automation section, click New workflow.

Step 2. Complete your workflow

Create your workflow and head to the Ready section.

Step 3. Get ready!

In the Ready section, you’ll name your workflow and add a tag according to your preferences.

Click the plus icon, and select the tag you want to tag. You can tag the workflow with an existing tag, or create a new one.

The Manage tags section also allows you to implement these actions, as well as delete unwanted tags.

Tagging customers into a created workflow

Firstly, in your ready workflow, click the General section. Here, you can change the name of the workflow and add a tag.

From here, you can do the same as we showed above. By creating, adding, or deleting tags, you can determine the way you tag customers into your workflow.

Updated on: 31/08/2021

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