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How to track/edit an automation workflow?

You can open any created automation workflow to edit it and track its performance. There are 4 tabs on the top bar when you open a current workflow:
- General 

- Workflow

- Activities

- Report

1. General information

- Name: You can edit your workflow name here, after creating it.

- Status: Select Lived to run the campaign or Stopped to disable the workflow

- Description: Edit the workflow description.

- Tag: Create a tag or assign a tag to the workflow.

2. Workflow

- You can edit your workflow here just like when you create it.

- Or click on each item and edit it on the right sidebar.

3. Activities

Here saved all activities of your campaigns.

- Click this icon to force send an email right now regardless of its status.

- Click this icon to view email content that has been sent/waiting

4. Report

This report displays the campaign's performance through statistics: Sent, Opened, Click, Converted, Unsubscribed, Revenue

- Click on the red box position on the image to quickly view reports of certain time periods.

- Click Custom Period to see the result of the report at the custom time

- Select the start date and end date in the custom period.

- Click Apply and see the report result.

Updated on: 27/07/2021

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