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Overview of the Drag Drop Email Editor

AVADA email template editor makes it simple to design beautiful emails for your customers to receive. The editor's drag-and-drop capability allows you to modify your emails to meet your specific needs. Add a text or image block to get your message through, or use the header/link bar or social links block to bring recipients to your website. You can also include a product block to showcase your most popular items.

Here is an overview of what the AVADA email template editor has to offer.

Note: We will include the template editor of both campaign and workflow email in this guide, since they are both not much different from each other. The only difference is the Transaction element for automation workflow email, which we will give more information too.

The basics of AVADA email template editor

Here is what the AVADA email template editor looks like

In this editor, you can interact with elements by dragging and dropping them from the element sector on the left to the email in the center. While on the right side, you have a board to control content, style and palette.

The main idea of working with this editor is through interacting with blocks and see the result of the template at the center of the screen. The email in the center will update in real-time with all of your changes, giving a clear view of what your email will look like. Each block can be arranged, edited, deleted, or saved for other templates.

Next, we will take a quick look at all the block and features that the email template editor has to offer.

Email options

With the email, you have two main options:

Reverse and Forward:

These buttons are simple to use. The Reverse button on the left will undo the latest actions while the Forward button on the right let you relive the changes that you just reversed. With these, you can easily undo your mistakes or compare your changes on the email template.

Device views:

With this, you can view your email template in Desktop, Mobile, or Full screen with a device template. This helps you make sure a seamless experience for your email across all devices.

Block options

When you click on to select an block, you will see some icons appearing next to the it.

They exist to serve these options of editing the block:

Move (top left of the block): To move by dragging and arrange the block in the email template.
Copy (top right of the element): To duplicate the block.
Delete (under Copy): Delete the block from the template. This can not be undone.
Save (under Delete): Save the particular block for later use.

Block Content

When you click on a specific block, you will see a new navigation menu appearing on the right hand side. Here, the Block Content exists.

With this, you have the feature to edit a rang of content to the particular block, such as image, alignment, text, and links.

Block Style

Also at the new navigation menu on the right hand-side, you can click on Style to change the styling options of that particular block.

You have many options for styling, including colors, borders, margins, padding, etc.


Palette is also available on the right hand side menu, but the difference is that the colors inside a palette can be applied for the whole email template.

On the top, you have your brand color palette. Below, you will find our most used color palettes and your saved palettes. You can click on the palettes to know the color codes and apply to other blocks inside the template.

Content Block menu

On the left side of the screen, you can see the Content Block menu with all types of blocks to use inside your template.

Here are the blocks that you can choose and what they do:

Basic: The most basic elements that you can add into your template, including Heading, Text, Image, Button, Space, Coupon, Row, Divider, Video, and Social.
Preheader: A block that allows recipients to view the content in a browser or check out your latest sale campaign.
Header: A block that starts your email, you can add your logo into this block alongside links that take recipients to different pages of your website.
Footer: A block that is at the end of your email, allowing you to add many information such as payment, privacy policy, social media links, unsubscribe link, and more.
Product: A block that lets you add products into your email template. You can add products manually or directly browse from your store.
Dynamic: A block that can automatically get product information from your store and update in real-time to show recipients latest data.
Content: A block with many layouts for your content, combining text and images.
Simple: Premade image blocks by us with different designs to easily make your email more attractive.
Call to action: A block that contains image, text, and a CTA button to drive recipients into taking an action.
Other modules: Here are other types of blocks that you can add into your template, such as testimonials or Instagram section.
Transaction: Only available for workflow email, this block lets you add transaction information that will update based on the recipient's order, such as total cost, shipping address, order number, and more.
Save blocks: The blocks that you have designed and saved.

For a more detailed look at each feature inside the AVADA email template editor, see this article:
How to build an email using Drag and Drop Email Editor?

With different types of blocks, you can change the font, padding, button color, and various other style options through the right hand side menu. Take some times to get used to these blocks and you will be able to create amazing emails in no time.

Updated on: 06/09/2021

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