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Understand All Contacts Page

To access the All Contacts page, first navigate to the Audiences section from your app dashboard, you will see the All Contacts page right there.

Where are All contacts in AVADA from?

All Contacts in AVADA can be from some sources below:

- Synced from your shop
- Imported from CSV file
- Collected from AVADA forms
- Add manually by admin

AVADA will collect all contacts possible regardless of their's marketing status. But we will only charge sendable contacts (which equal to Total contacts exclude Bounce, Invalid, Complaint, Unsubscribed)

Also, each contact can be recorded only once in the All contacts list but may belong to any number of Segments

What can you read in All contacts page

As you can see, the All Contacts page provides all information about your contacts such as their name, order count, total spent, channel (email or SMS), and created date in AVADA.

What action can you do in the All Contacts page

Find a contact

If you need to find a specific contact in your AVADA Audience, you can use the search field at the right side of the page.

Add contacts in different ways

Manage tags

View each contact's data

Find detailed guide here to do the above actions:

Best practices

The All Contacts page should be a starting point for your further list management. We never recommend sending your messages to the whole list but targeting your campaigns for different groups based on their behavior and interests. Use the All Contacts page along with segmentation to filter your audience based on various attributions to get a better understanding of the tendencies happening to your contacts.

Check our guides on the Segments topic.

If you have more questions or need any assistance, talk to our support team via in-app chat or at <>.

Updated on: 28/08/2021

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