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Using Emojis in Subject Lines and Email Templates

Emojis are widely used by many companies' emails to show their fun side and better spread the information to the recipients. So, how can you use emojis in AVADA? The good news is that we support all emojis!

In this guide, let's learn to use emojis in your subject lines and email templates.

How different email clients render emojis

The biggest concern when using emojis (or emoticons) in subject lines or email content is whether they will appear consistently across common email clients.

If a character you employ isn't supported by your recipient's email program, they'll see a ☐ character instead. Even if an email client can render the little image (i.e. the emoji) you've included in your email, the image may not look as you'd like it to. As a result, we recommends sending a test email beforehand to evaluate any new emojis you'd like to utilize.

Note that emojis can also be used for plain text email in the Rich Text Editor.

Here is a preview of how emojis can be rendered across different websites, desktops, and email clients.

How to use emojis in AVADA.

We at AVADA also like to use emojis in our email templates, they just look more fun that way. You can easily insert emojis into subject lines and email templates by copying and pasting them. Like this.

If you're using an iOS device like MacBook or iMac, press Command-Control-Space to access the emoji menu. To access the emoji menu on a Windows computer, press the Windows button and the period (.) button. For this to work on Windows, your software must be up to date.

Emojis can also be copied and pasted directly into emails from a website. Get Emoji is an excellent resource for copying and pasting emojis into your templates.

Updated on: 06/09/2021

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