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How to create Multi-Step Popup?

AVADA forms support various types: Newsletter Popup, Spin to Win, Inline, Add-to-cart Popup, Notification/Flyout popup and now Multi-step Forms
Multi-step form mean a sign up form with more than one page. Why use it?

- Higher customer engagement as it breaks down the form into smaller segments, to reduce the question overload for the visitor
- 86% higher conversions because it's practical yet simple and doesn’t intimidate the visitor with an overwhelming list of questions.
- Collect more secure and qualify quality leads

In this guide, you will know how to set up a multiple-step form for your store.

Step 1: Create a Multi-Step Popup

Log in to AVADA Email Marketing app > Select Forms > Select Create

Select Multi-Step Popup > Select 1 template to preview > Click Select Template

Step 2: Edit popup

In the Multi-Step popup, you can create additional steps in addition to the existing steps. Step is added at the front of the Submit page step. The maximum number of steps on the popup is 4.

2.1 Add more steps

Select add icon > Enter step name at Name > Select layout for new step with 1 column and 2 columns > Then click Add Step

2.2 Edit the step name

Select the Step you want to rename > Select Edit Name > Edit the name at New Name > Select Rename Step

2.3 Move step

Select the step you want to change position > Select Move Previous > Step is moved forward

2.4 Delete step

Select the Step you want to delete > Select Delete > Select Confirm

2.5 Edit step content

To edit the content, you can click in the fields on the left side of the screen or directly click on the preview and make edits from the left side of the screen.
More detailed instructions can be found here.

To add content to the step, select Add Component and choose the item you want to add.

Now, the added buttons will have the Next Step and Previous Step functions in Action.
- Next Step: Go to the next step.
- Previous: Go back to the previous step.

2.6 Select display position

At Layout > Choose the display location at Desktop Setting

Step 3: Trigger

After editing the popup > Select Save & Next > Display settings at trigger.
See detailed instructions here.

Step 4: Settings

You can see detailed instructions for Settings here.

Step 5: Ready

Enter a name for the campaign at Campaign Name > Click Finish > Select Go live so the form can be displayed immediately, or select Keep as draft to save as a draft.

Updated on: 02/12/2021

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