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How to Create a Cross Sell Segment


You can create a group of people that have all purchased a particular item but have not also purchased one or more related items to create a cross sell segment. For instance, if someone purchases a new phone, you might consider targeting them with content about trendy phone cases that they haven't yet purchased.

In this guide, you'll learn how to create a cross sell segment in AVADA.

Create a cross sell segment in AVADA

Step 1. Head to the Segments section

To start creating a cross sell segment, navigate to Audiences > Segments > Create segment.

Step 2. Create a cross sell segment

To create a cross sell segment, group people based on if they have ordered one product, but have not ordered another, related product that they may be interested in. Below is an example of the conditions of this segment:

If someone has ordered a product with the SKU of A, and hasn't ordered a product with the SKU of B, then you create this segment to cross sell the product with the SKU of B.

In the image above, you can substitute SKU with Name, Collection, Type, Tags, or any other data available that can classify specific products.

Now, let's say you want to create a segment of everyone that ordered a video game console but has never ordered the most popular video games for that console. Since the two are typically paired together, customers that have only tried your video game console are currently missing out on another product they may want, and you are missing out on additional business. As a result, you would create the following segment to capture those customers to target with messaging around popular video games.

Or, you can try cross selling different types in your E-commerce store. For instance, someone has ordered a product in the Women's Dresses type in your online store. Now, you want to cross sell one of the matching products in the Women's Accessories type. You would create the segment as below:

Note: We recommend using cross sell segments in campaigns only. The reason is that the number of contacts are fixed at the time of creating segments. In case after a specific time period, you've got other contacts that match the segment condition, the number will not automatically change.

For automation workflows, you can add conditions at the start of the event. It will update the exact number of contacts that are appropriate for the workflow.

Please read our article on how to send cross-sell emails for more information.

If you have any problem with creating cross sell segments, drop a line to our Support Team via in-app chat or <>.

Updated on: 06/09/2021

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