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How to Create a Repeat Purchaser Segment

A repeat purchaser segment shows you which customers from your list have bought from your brand again following their first transaction. This enables you to acquire information about your clients' shopping habits and tailor your marketing message to them.

To create a repeat purchaser segment, follow these steps:

Step 1. Create segment

Go to Audiences -> Segments and click on the Create segment button as shown above.

Step 2. Choose filter condition

To create a repeat purchase segment, you need to insert the following filter:

Order Count -> is equal or greater than -> write in 2 -> Done

You will see that the app automatically filters out subscribers who match this filter, click on Update to create a new segment.

The main idea of this segment is to find customers who have bought at least two times from your store over time, so you can target them as high value customers and offer suitable rewards or deals.

Further targeting

You can also try other ideas to segment your repeat purchase subscribers, such as:

Additional filters
Add additional filters to your segment to create a segment of repeat purchasers who are also members of a specific list. You can narrow down this segment even further by including any number of additional filters based on customer characteristics or behavior. You can add a filter to isolate repeat buyers of a specific product or people who have purchased from a specific category on multiple occasions.

Change the Frequency
If you want to have a VIP customer segment or make this segment more exclusive, change the number of purchases required to be included; for example, you can change the Order Count to be at least 4 over all time.

Change time frame
You can also change the time frame; for example, instead of choosing subscribers based on order counts over time, you can add the Last Order Time filter to include only those who have purchased in the last 90 days or other time frame that you like.

Updated on: 29/07/2021

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