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How to Create a Total Spent Segment


After you connect your store to AVADA, you might want to target contacts who made certain actions. Segmentation enables you to view and send to customers based on what they order, when they order, how much they spend, and many other criteria. Segments are totally customizable, update in real-time, and are defined by criteria you choose.

In this guide, let's walk through creating a Total Spent segment in AVADA!

Create a Total Spent segment

Method 1. Use a pre-built Total Spent segment

If you are new to segments or just want to simplify your targeted mailings, AVADA offers a collection of pre-built segments for you.

You can choose a default segment to create a Total Spent segment.

Step 1. Head to the Presets section

Go to Audiences > Presets and scroll down, you will see 3 available presets:

- Total spent >= 500: Email subscribers whose total spent is at least $500.

- Total spent < 100: Email subscribers whose total spent is less than $100.

- Total spent between 100 - 500: Email subscribers whose total spent is from $100 to $500.

Step 2. Choose your preferred preset

Once you click your preferred preset, our app will lead you to the Segments section, where the chosen Total Spent segment is ready to use.

To learn more about ready-made segments, you should head to our article named AVADA Pre-built Segments.

Method 2. Create your own Total Spent segment

Step 1. Head to the Segments section

To create a customized Total Spent segment, head back to the Audiences section, then choose Segments > Create segment. Scroll down and you will find the Total Spent option.

Step 2. Customize your Total Spent segment

Then, you just need to write the amount of money that is suitable for your segment. You can choose equal to, not equal to, greater than, equal or greater than, less than, or equal or less than a specific number. Then, click Done to complete a condition.

For example, we want to create a segment including people who have spent equal or greater than $200. We'll have a segment as below:

Or, you want to create a segment including people who have spent just a small amount of money, let's say, less than $100. We will create a segment as below:

You should change the name of the segment, instead of New Segment, and click Update to complete. By creating a Total Spent segment, you will have a better understanding of your clients' spending habits, as well as know how to run appropriate rewards programs to these clients.

Updated on: 06/09/2021

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