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How to create First-time Purchase Anniversary Workflow?

Looking for a way to email customers to celebrate their first purchase? Below is an article that will help you create an automatic email to your customers to celebrate and send them a gift code.

Step 1: Select workflow event and preset

In your app, select Automation > New workflow

Next, tick Special Occasions and select the First Time Purchase event preset

A preview of the workflow will be displayed. Select Next to edit the workflow.

Note: When you choose our preset, a segment will be created to ensure that mail is only sent to your subscribers.
If you don't want to use the preset, you can create a new event by: Select Blank > First time purchase > Next

Step 2: Edit workflow

You can edit this workflow by adding items from Workflow Elements.

To edit each item, select them at the workflow and the right side of the screen will display a popup for you to edit. Here are detailed instructions for each item:

Wait Time & Certain Time
Yes/No Splits
Multiple Splits
A/B Testing
Update contacts attributes

Step 3: Ready

After creating the workflow, select Next and fill in the information for your workflow.
Select Launch > Select Keep draft to save the draft or select Go live now to get the workflow working right away.

Updated on: 09/08/2021

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