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AVADA Account and Store Settings

When you are done creating an AVADA account and start using, there is a number of settings that you want to update for your account and store.

In this guide, learn how to find your account settings, update basic information, manage data, and more.

Set up Onboarding
How to configure general settings?

1. Profile settings

Navigate to My profile by clicking on your account's name at the top right corner of the page. Here, you can view and update the basic information of your account.

The information you can customize are:
Your account's name
Your domain
Your shop location
Your shop currency

2. API/Integration Key settings

Keys are the tool AVADA use to connect your store with other domains and third-party apps. Choose Manage keys from the top right corner.

You will have two keys to use. Remember to keep them safe:
App ID key: Used to verify your shop
Secret key: Used to verify web hooks from other domains and third-party apps. You can click on the Generate Key button for a new key.

3. Integration settings

In the Integration tab by selecting at the top right corner, you can find apps that connect to your AVADA account.

You can click on available integrations to view their settings and guides for the integration process. At the moment, we support integrations for:
Facebook Audiences
Google Ads
Magento 2
Page Fly
Custom Integration
As well as other AVADA apps and more coming soon.

4. Subscription settings

Each AVADA plan has its own features and options for support. Generally, the higher plan you have, the better support and more advanced features you can have.

Select Subscription from the top right corner and you can upgrade your plan at any time to take your AVADA account to the next level.

You can also downgrade your account's plan at this tab, with a detailed comparison board to see what each plan has to offer. Also, if you have a coupon code, remember to insert it before check out.

2. General settings for the store

From the app dashboard, select Settings -> General, you will find the basic settings that you need to set up for your store.

Each store will need to have details of:
Default logo
Brand palette colors
Default time zone
Shop name
Default signature (optional)

The store information will be automatically loaded into your email and SMS when you create a campaign or an automation workflow.

Updated on: 06/09/2021

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