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How to add Personalization (Variables) in Email/SMS?

In email marketing, personalization targets an email campaign to a specific subscriber. 82% of marketers experienced an increase in email open rates upon using personalization.
This information includes their names, birthday, contact details, the last item they bought, and more.

In this article, you will know how to add Personalization into your email or SMS template using AVADA.

Add Personalization to Email

First, when you open up your email editor page, like this:

Please do as follow:
Click to the place in the email template where you want to add customer personalization info.
Click to the same place in the editor box at the right column
Click to the Variable icon
Select the info you want to add, like below:

Then you will see the result like this:

In this case, customer's first name will auto be detected and inserted into your emails when each customer receive it.
Similarly, you can add other personalization info to increase your email conversion rate.

Add Personalization to SMS

AVADA Email Marketing also support personalization in SMS content. Please open your SMS editor:

Do as follow:

Click the place where you want to add personal info
Click to the Variable icon
Select the personalization info you want to add to your SMS. For example, I add customer_name

The result will be:

Done! The same to other personalization info. Let's make your customers feel happy and relevant with your message!

Updated on: 10/08/2021

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