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How to configure Amazon AWS SES SMTP?

In this article, you will be guided on how to configure Amazon SES SMTP to send email from our app through Amazon SES service.

Step 1: Register AWS account/Login to your current account

Firstly, if you do not have an AWS SES account, please register an account on this page.
- Fill in required information and your credit card information to verify your account. (No charge)

Step 2: Verify email address or domain on SES

Before you send emails you need to verify your email address or domain. If you verify a domain name you can send any address from that domain name.

Step 3: Request a sending limit increase

By default, your account still in sandbox mode, you need to request Amazon AWS team to increase the limitation.

It means that you only send 200 email in 24 hours.

Use the Region selector to choose an AWS Region.
In the navigation pane, under Email Sending, choose Sending Statistics.
If your account is still in the sandbox in the AWS Region that you selected, you see a banner at the top of the page that resembles the example in the following image.

If the banner doesn't appear on this page, then your account is no longer in the sandbox in the current Region. Click on

After few hours or days, you will get response like this

Congrats! Now you can send emails.

Step 4: Get the SMTP credentials

- After login successfully, at AWS Management Console page, choose Simple Email Service in Customer Engagement section, or click on this link.

- Select one among 3 regions that Amazon supports: US East (N. Virginia), EU (Ireland), US West (Oregon). For more information, see Connecting to the Amazon SES SMTP Endpoint. It takes you maximum 24 hours to process your account.
- Access to Amazon SES Console, choose tab SMTP Setting, then click to Create My SMTP Credentials button

- An SMTP user name and password. You can use the same set of SMTP credentials in all AWS regions.

Your SMTP user name and password are not identical to your AWS access keys or the credentials you use to log into the Amazon SES console. For information about how to generate your SMTP user name and password, see Obtaining Your Amazon SES SMTP Credentials.

Step 5: Fill SMTP settings on the app

- Now, come back to AVADA Email Marketing and paste the information into SMTP Settings:\
- Choose "Load settings" to select Amazon SES provider.

- Enter information you get from AWS ESE then click Verify Config

- Provide user name and password get from AWS

- Click Verify config button, then enter sender and recipient address and click Verify now

If you enter the right information, a success message will be shown like this:

Congrats! Now you can create your campaigns and start sending emails!

Important notes:

- Only use verified senders from SMTP server to send emails, otherwise, your email will go to spam box.
- Using SMTP will not count statistic such as Open, Bounces or Spam report.

Updated on: 19/08/2021

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