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How to manage all Tags of Contacts, Automation, Campaigns

You can easily tag any contacts, campaign and automation workflow in AVADA. Tags help you segment customers better to serve them personally.
Let's learn how to create and manage all of your tags.

Create Tags

- Create tags for a single contacts

- Create tags for Automation workflow

- Create tags for Campaigns

Manage Tags

To view the entire tag list, follow these steps:

- From App Dashboard > Settings > Tags

Filter Tags

There are 3 types of tags: Contact Tags, Campaign Tags, Automation Tags. If you want to see a list of specific tags of each type, choose the corresponding tabs

The All tab will display the entire list of tags

Other tabs will display tags of Contacts, Campaigns and Automation:

Each tag will display the contact number, automation number and campaign number corresponding to tag types
Click icon view to see automation list or campaign list

Edit Tag Name

Click the edit icon to edit tag name:

Edit Tag Name then click Tick button

Delete Tags

To remove a tag from the list click delete icon > Confirm

Updated on: 08/12/2021

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