Cross-sell emails are sent to offer your customers additional products that can go well with what they have bought or have intentions to buy.
In this article, you will be guided on how to create an automation workflow for cross-selling emails. Let's get started!

Step 1. Select automation preset

- From the app dashboard, go to "Automation > New workflow"
- Select your event type = "Cross-sell"
- Select a preset: There are multiple pre-built workflow you can choose here. Click "**Cross-sell 3 emails**" or "**Cross-sell 1 email**" preset. It will open the workflow for preview.

It will open the workflow for preview.

- Click Next to open the workflow and start edit it

Step 2. Edit the workflow

- You can edit this workflow by putting more items into this. Learn how to edit a workflow here:

Add a new email/sms to the workflow

Add wait time/certain time to send email

Add Yes/No Split to the workflow

Add Multiple Split to the workflow

Add A/B testing 

Add Exit workflow

- If you want to edit an email/item in your workflow, click directly on it then it will show the edit column at right side. Click to edit email content.

Step 3: Ready to live

- When you done with this email content, click "Save and Exit", it will comeback to the workflow
- Click Next to go to the last step. Enter name for this workflow then click "Launch" to go live it or keep as draft.

- Name: Enter the campaign name. 
- Description: Enter the campaign description (optional)
- Tag:

Click the icon plus and create tags for it to manage different campaigns easily.

Click to Manage tags to choose/add/delete a tag.

After filling in all information, click Launch and select campaign status: Keep draft or Go live.

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