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Why is My Account Suspended?


If you believe that your AVADA account is disabled or temporarily suspended, there are several reasons why this may be the case. In this guide, you will learn what these reasons entail.

You can see kind of this message in the app dashboard when your email or sms sending is stopped:

Why is your account suspended?

1. Your online store is not fully set up

To use our services, you need to connect your AVADA account to your active online store:

- You need to ensure the store is launched and is no longer password-protected from the public

- Your store needs to have a valid payment set up

If your store doesn't qualify with any of these requirements, and you are not able to resolve them, contact our support team via an-app chat or via <>.

2. Your recent campaign reported bad metrics

Since you are using AVADA to send out your emails, your sending behavior may impact both your and our sender's reputation. Before you send out any email campaign, that campaign will be reviewed by the AVADA team to make sure it is not content phishing and the email deliverability does qualify our standard.

How does the verification process work?

When you go live a newsletter campaign in AVADA, we will send to a sample group of your recipients (around 1000) to verify that campaign first.

We will check the reports of that group to make sure that it is safe to send your campaign to the remaining contacts. In particular, your campaign will satisfy the sending limit if the report of 100 sample sends do not exceed the following limits:

- 4% of bounce rate

- 0.1% of spam rate

- 2% of unsubscribing rate

If the sample report does not go over the sending limit, then your campaign can be sent to the remaining contacts automatically. You will not need to do anything else.

If the sample report exceeds any limit, then your campaign will be suspended. All other campaigns will also be paused until this campaign is verified successfully. In this case, we will ask you to clean your contact list and contact our support team.

Read our guide on How AVADA Verifies Your Email Campaign Before Sending for more information.

Your account might get suspended if our system detects the following problems with your campaign links:

- You are advertising external resources. If you used links that are not linked with your online store, make sure you go back to that campaign and remove them.

- Links used in your campaign are broken. If the web links you used don't begin with the http:// or https:// protocol, they might break during send. You will need to change your links before trying to send the campaign again.

- Links that are used in your campaign lead to low-quality domains. You will need to change those links before you can resend your campaign.

If you fixed the issues with links, but your campaign is not sent still, contact our support team for assistance.

4. Issues with your contact list

AVADA takes compliance very seriously, allowing you to send your emails to opted-in contacts only. We can suspend your account if low-quality email addresses have been found in your contact list. Those could be old contact lists, purchased contact lists, spam-bots, etc. Make sure to check your subscriber lists regularly and delete the old and inactive contacts.

Read our Guide to List Cleaning to learn more useful tips.

5. Your sending content is illegal or irrelevant to your business

We have a team who will verify your content manually so in case we found any illegal message and not-related to your store, we can also stop your sending temporarily and contact you for further information.

6. You have hit the limit if of your paid plan

If you attempt to send more emails than your current paid plan level supports, you account will not be suspended, but you will be required to upgrade before you can send more emails.

If you are unsure of whether you have reached your account limit and need to upgrade, contact our support team.

Updated on: 28/08/2021

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