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How to create Join Segment Automation workflow?

How does it work?

Customer Segmentation Workflow will allow you to trigger any contact who enter a specific segment and send them the follow up messages in your workflow.

For example, if you have a VIP segment for customers who order from $1000, whenever a customer meet the segment condition, he/she will enter the segment and also enter your automation workflow. You can put multiple messages (email/ SMS/ WhatsApp/ push notification) inside your workflow (just like other event type).

How to create the Join Segment Workflow?

Step 1: Create new workflow

From AVADA dashboard > Automation > Click New workflow

Step 2: Select Customer Segmentation event type

Step 3: Select preset for your workflow

You can choose an existing preset or choose Blank if you want to build a new preset

After selecting the preset, click Next to open workflow editor

Please see detailed guide for the following components:

- Edit email
- Wait time/Certain Time
- Yes/No Split
- Multiple Splits
- A/B testing
- Exit
- Update contact atributes

Step 4: Select segment

Select segment you want to follow up at "Start event"

Click Save to save the selected segment

Step 5: Complete automation

Continue editing the workflow and click Next to complete the Automation

Updated on: 11/11/2021

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