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How to integrate with Omega Order Tracking app

Omega Order Tracking app allow you to track and manage your orders. AVADA integration with Omega allow users to send shipping notifications emails to your customers whenever a shipment is updated its status. Now let see how to connect two apps!

Connect Omega with AVADA

To connect Omega Tracking with AVADA, make sure you installed both first. Then, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to AVADA Manage Key

From AVADA App > Your Account > Manage keys

Step 2: Copy AVADA Keys

Click the corresponding icon to copy the App ID and Secret key

If you don't have or want to recreate the Secret key, click Generate Key button

Then Click Confirm to generate Key

Step 3: Paste AVADA key to Omega app

Go to the Omega Tracking app's Integration page and paste corresponding keys

That’s it! Custom events in AVADA App are created and will be triggered accordingly.

How to send shipping notifications from AVADA

Step 1: Go to Automation page

From AVADA App > Automation > Click New workflow

Step 2: Select event type Omega Tracking Order and preset

Select Event Type as Omega Order Tracking and select a preset. If you do not want to use the template preset, you can select Blank and customize the workflow yourself

- Select Pre-built Preset

- Preview Preset then click Next

Step 3: Edit and go live the workflow

The workflow can be edited by dragging and dropping more items, editing conditions.

Please see detailed guide for the following components:

- Edit email
- Wait time/Certain Time
- Yes/No Split
- Multiple Splits
- A/B testing
- Exit
- Update contact atributes

- After finish editing, click Next

- Enter Name for your automation > Click Launch

- Go live Automation: Click Go live now or keep in draft to continue edit later.

How does this workflow work?

When you connect and enable 2 apps. If an order is updated in one of the following status, corresponding email notifications from AVADA will be sent to your customers.

Omega Info Received - shipment information is created/received in Omega. Tracking URL and tracking number is available to use in personalization
Omega In Transit - shipment is in transit. The latest location information is available to use in personalization.
Omega Out for Delivery - shipment is in the last delivery phase, i.e. waiting for a pick-up.
Omega Delivered - shipment is successfully delivered.
Omega Failed Attempt - is triggered when shipment couldn’t be delivered, i.e. no one was at home.
Omega Exception - is triggered when shipment status is changed by courier to the exception.

Example: When Omega' s shipment status is updated to Delivered

Then Email Delivered will be triggered and sent:

Updated on: 09/11/2021

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